How to Become a Model/Actor

How to become a model;

For female  FASHION model candidates, you must be at least 5'7" tall and be the appropriate size for your height. For men, you must be 5'9" and taller.

If you are an actor(male or female) candidate,we do NOT have height requirements.  For those in this category, please attach a headshot and resume along with a link to any YouTube or Vimeo links you have showing you in action. If you apply as an actor, your height is not relevant. Your skill is.

Sadly, we do not book children very often. That would be anyone under 14.  But, if you want your child to be considered, please send us snapshots only as they change very quickly. We don't offer contracts to children simply because there's not enough work in our area to merit that effort

In the event that you are contacted by an individual claiming to work for or represent Red Models, we strongly advise that you contact our office to verify their identity directly before responding. Because the safety and best interests of aspiring models are matters we take seriously, we ask that you please be aware and cautious of scouting imposters misappropriating the Red Models name.

Lastly, we do not respond to all inquiries. Repeat; we do not respond to all inquiries. If you do not hear from us in two weeks time, that means we are not able to offer you anything at this time.


Please email your submissions to  by providing ALL of the following:


All social media links


City of Residence

Phone Number

Date of Birth




Dress Size

Chest (cup size for women)




Eye Color

Hair Color

Lastly, attach 4 photos of yourself:

1. Full length

2. Waist up

3. Shoulders up

4. Shoulders up, Profile